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Here at the Animal Food Banks goal is to collect and distribute pet food and supplies to animals in need. Inspired by a Kelowna homeless man, and his dog Odin, our aim is to provide food and resources to those in need, with love, compassion and understanding. We are 100% volunteer operated with a mandate that:
No One Should Go Hungry

We accept pet food, supplies and monetary donations. All donations go towards the animals in need.

Can you spare some time to fundraise, collect donations, deliver donations or help promote the work of the Animal Food Bank?

Are you, or someone you know, in need of help caring for their furry friend? We distribute donations through our network of partners.

We partner with various business and organizations to provide convenient drop off locations of food and supplies for our volunteers to collect and distribute to those in need.

Hunger does not discriminate. It can attack our anyone: our friends, our neighbours, our family, from any background, from any neighbourhood. Students, veterans, seniors, those who have been laid, off, those on social assistance, those going through a hard time. Anyone can be one crisis away from having to make the difficult decision between being able to feed their pet, or having to surrender them. We never want people, or their pets, to be put in that place regardless of their life circumstances. Sometimes, you just need a helping hand.


The benefits of a pet to the homeless is sometimes even greater than to those who are not. Often times their pet is the only being who they can depend on for companionship, love and to not be judged. The benefits of this to our society are great – often pets of homeless keep them clean and out of trouble, as the thought of losing their pet is unbareable It is important that we provide support and not judgement. After all, your pet doesn’t care if you have a roof over your head, they only care that they are beside you.


We work with animal rescues to provide pet food and supplies as needed.  Most rescues are run completely by volunteers and donations. Many times those donations need to go towards medical care for the animals.  Our organization provides much needed food and supplies to help ensure that the animals in rescue can be provided with what they need while they transition from Foster Care to their Forever Homes.


Supporting distribution of food and supplies through local Food Banks, our goal is to help individuals and families keep their pets. For some – who’s income may be low or who are going through a hard time – they do not have the funds needed to feed their pets. This may result in them having to relinquish their pets to local shelters or rescues. Keeping familes together is important, furry family members included.

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